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Founder / Executive Producer

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Head of Production & Inclusion

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African & Youth Culture Specialist

FEMALE OWNED is a 100% female owned production company, born from the need to create professional, authentic content without breaking the bank, while breaking a few rules and challenging the status quo.


We offer world-class Stills, TVC, Music Video and Online Content production solutions that can be tailored and scaled according to your budgets and briefs. Our client list includes large local and global brands such as Jameson, Airbnb, MINI Cooper, Sony UK, Nedbank, Telkom, FNB, Qatar Tourism, Old Mutual and many more. Have a look at our portfolio of work here, or view the creatives we work with here.


Inclusion is not a trend. It’s a way of life. At CreateSA we prioritise collaborating and working with marginalised minorities, including creatives from the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour and women. From the Photographers and Directors we work with, right through to our production team, crew and suppliers, we try to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. 

We also provide inclusivity consultation to advertising agencies, brands, production companies, researchers, directors and filmmakers/writers who want to ensure that their approach as well as the stories they tell, scripts they write or campaigns they conceptualise, are inclusive, diverse, accessible, equal and fair, and not discriminating against any groups of people or minorities. We have a network of experts who are each specialised and experiences in their respective categories, from gender to race to physical and invisible disabilities.


>>> If you value inclusivity as much us we do, we invite you to contact us for a free initial consultation - we have a variety of solutions that can help you on your journey towards diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible content.



While we believe in the importance of inclusivity when choosing our creatives and crew, we also recognise that the lack of diversity in our industry is an issue that needs to be addressed at its root. Professional female, black and LGBTQIA+ Photographers, Directors and DOPs are becoming more prevalent, but in general, these creatives in established positions in our industry are still a minority. We provide mentoring and growth opportunities to young upcoming creatives from underrepresented minorities to help create equal opportunities for all.


>>> If you are a creative interested in such an opportunity, please pop us an email with more info on who you are and what you do.


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