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At CreateSA, we understand the importance of working with experts in a variety of categories. When it comes to automotive, we have a wide network of Photographers, Directors and DOP's that we can draw from. Have a look at our selection of automotive experts below. If you don't find what you are looking for, drop us an email with your brief, and we will find the perfect creative team for your campaign or project.

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Antonia // Desmond (RSA / Germany)

This photography duo have extensive experience in shooting automotive brands, with a diverse portfolio showcasing vehicle and lifestyle photography for automotive clients such as Porsche, Mercedes, Mazda, Subaru and many more.

View Desmond & Antonia's work here >>


Oliver (RSA / Austria)

Oliver's career started as an in-house photographer at an automotive magazine. Since then, he has found himself working for an ever expanding portfolio of clients in a variety of countries. His client list includes BMW SA, Audi SA, Volkswagen SA, Hyundai SA, Mercedes Benz SA, TopGear, TopCar and many more. 

View Oliver's work here >>


Roarke (RSA)

Roarke specialises in automotive and sports photography, with a passion for travel. His automotive client list includes Porsche, Audi, Alpha Romeo,  Renault, Ferrari, Mustang and more.

View Roarke's work here >>

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Pieter (RSA)

This multi award-winning photographer specialises in curated, well-produced and meticulously retouched vehicle and product photography. His client list includes Toyota, BMW, Nissan,  Volvo, Landrover, Ford and many more.

View Pieter's work here >>



Decio (RSA)

Decio is a tracking specialist more at home on his electric skateboard than with his feet on the ground. His finesse on a skateboard and with a Movi Pro gimbal, enables him to get exceptional closeups and tracking shots that are otherwise impossible to capture.

View Decio's work here >>


Fabian (RSA / Switzerland)

Fabian is an established DOP turned Director with extensive experience in the TV commercial and automotive industry.  His fascination with light and imagery is evident in his work which has won him a selection of awards and accolades over the years.

View Fabian's work here >>

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Jason (RSA)

Jason is know for his powerful visual style. He has proven to be exceptional creatively and technically in narrative work, commercials, documentaries, and music videos. He is passionate and always dedicated to obtaining a distinctive visual approach for every unique project.

View Jason's work here >>



Tobias (RSA / New York)

Tobias is an award-winning director who has earned a variety of accolades from the Clios, Telly Awards and the Lovie Awards. He has directed various award winning commercials for brands such as Apple Music, Samsung, Kia, Cadillac, Infiniti, Vodafone and many more.

View Tobias' work here >>


Dirk (RSA)

Dirk has an exceptional talent for writing and directing authentic and emotive narrative content, be it short film, music video, television or online commercials. His client portfolio includes local and global clients such as Airbnb, MINI Cooper, Takealot, Windhoek, Virseker, CBC and many more.

View Dirk's work here >>

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Ryan (RSA)

This young director has managed to climb the industry ladder rather fast thanks to his unique creative approach, hustler spirit, multidisciplinary experience, hard work, and that rare combination of humble and kind confidence. His client list includes Mercedes, Play, Asus, Fila, Diadora, MR Price, United Aviation, etc

View Ryan's work here >>



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