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SPUR MTB LEAGUE - 2017 & 2018 

Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Content Creation & Paid Campaigns


The SPUR Schools MTB League is comprised of 493 participating schools with over 10 500 entries taking place over 46 regional events across 9 provinces. It is currently the biggest high school cycling programme in the world and the largest feeder system for Mountain biking in South Africa. 





In 2017 & 2018, we were approached by Positive Dialogue Communications (Cape Town based PR agency) to collaborate on social media management, content creation, implementation, strategic development, reporting and analysis on the Spur MTB League Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. The key communication objectives for SPUR were to raise awareness around mountain biking and the Spur MTB League, while increasing brand awareness around the SPUR brand among target audiences. CreateSA's involvement included the following:


  • Developing and implementing social media, brand and content strategies

  • Creative direction and design of CI / look & feel 

  • Content production (Copywriting and design)

  • Conceptualising, producing and directing campaign videos (see example below)

  • Community management and implementation

  • Planning and scheduling of paid campaigns

  • Tracking, reporting and analysing all statistics and data





  • Over our two year campaign period, the social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) saw a total increase in community size and engagement of 450% and an overall reach of 5.2 million.



Visit the Spur MTB League on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more info. Chris Hitcock

Photography by Chris Hitchcock

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