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Director Duo / Editing / Scriptwriting

Dirk Hanekom has 12 years experience in film, television and commercial content creation, having worked as a camera operator, video editor, photographer, scriptwriter and director. Hailing from a lineage of matriarchal literary legends, combined with his deep understanding of all the different trades involved in crafting beautiful, impactful content, Dirk has an exceptional talent for writing and directing authentic and emotive narrative content, be it short film, music video, television or online commercials. His client portfolio includes big local and global clients such as Airbnb, Takealot, MINI Cooper, Windhoek, Virseker, CBand many more.

Elisma Uys-Hanekom has over 15 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries, having worked for a variety of local and global leading ad agencies with a client portfolio including MINI Cooper, Adidas, Levi's, Santam, Lamborghini, and Steri Stumpie, to name only a few. With experience in strategy, creative development, client service, as well as production, Elisma has a phenomenal understanding of the bigger picture as well as all the smaller cogs that make the wheel turn smoothly. To support her strategic and production experience and skills, Elisma also boasts an Honours Degree in Visual Communication and Fine Arts, aiding her to deliver conceptually excellent and visually beautiful content while keeping within the parameters of the budget and brief.


Both Elisma and Dirk are extremely passionate about developing upcoming creative talent in South Africa, and are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to support and uplift marginalised creatives and to promote equality and inclusivity within our industry.


Together, this formidable husband-wife team is uniquely positioned to bring your big (and small) ideas to life through authentic storytelling, while considering your budgets, deadlines, communication goals and creative vision.




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