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The Challenge
Due to budget and time constraints, many clients revert to online content banks to populate their Always On and even campaign Content Plans. Not only is content bank images and footage often very generic, it also lacks African and South African representation.

Research on the topic is undeniable; authentic, original content that your audience can relate to, is integral to building real connections, increased engagement and brand loyalty.

Our Solution
Over the past few years, we have been approached by a variety of small, medium and large businesses to shoot authentic image and video banks. Through innovative production solutions we are able to provide professional solutions that can be tailored for small, medium and large budgets. We offer 6 month, one year and perpetual image bank options, delivering up to 200 stills and video assets per shoot (budget and brief dependant). 

Below a selection of video and image libraries that we produced for clients such as Old Mutual, Windhoek and Smollen.


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